Congratulations Perquimans County Farmers

— Written By

Adam Winslow

Matt Perry

Ashley Harris
Congratulations to the commodity 2017 yield winners for Perquimans County. Pictured: Adam Winslow of Winslow Brothers farms averaging 5,460 pounds on 75 acres for peanuts, Matt Perry with 73.9 bushel soybean yield on 3 acres, and Ashley Harris (daughter of Wallace and Gretchen Ownley) 2nd in Perquimans County with a 133.02 bushel/acre yield for grain sorghum. Wallace won 1st in the state in the category of dryland conventional tillage.

Not pictured but winners of awards: Craft Family Farms for a 264.39 bushel/acre corn yield, and Laurence Chappell winning 1st in both wheat and grain sorghum for Perquimans. Laurence had 1st in the Tidewater Region with 100.53 bushels/acre in wheat and finished 5th in the state. He also had 135.48 bushel/acre grain sorghum making him 2nd overall in the state for dryland reduced tillage. Congratulations to these farmers on such a successful year!

For more information about Perquimans County Field Crops, contact Dylan Lilley, Perquimans County Ag Agent, at 252-426-5428.